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Safety First ✔

Nothing is more important than the safety of our people and the clients that we service, and so we have implemented a rigorous WHS program. ​

MAYDAY Blue Compliance Measures:

MAYDAY Blue assess all new sites and jobs to ensure we fully understand what will be required of our workers, from licences to PPE to tasks on the job. We ensure workers are capable, fully prepared and understand the job requirements before accepting the work.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) We ensure workers have the correct PPE for the job so they are ready and able to safely step on-site.

Site Inspections To truly understand if a site is compliant with WHS regulations we conduct on-site inspections as close to the worker’s start date and time as possible. We maintain regular checks throughout the year.

Image 2021 01 08 T00 04 57
Image 2021 01 08 T00 04 57

Aftercare We communicate with our clients and candidates regularly during the assignment to ensure everyone is aware of any changes or improvements to the WHS requirements.  

Incident & Hazard Reporting We encourage all our workers to flag any incidents or hazards to MAYDAY Blue as soon as possible.  All workers are informed of the incident and hazard reporting process. A record of any reports are kept on file and preventative measures are put in place to avoid potential or future occurrences.

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