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Vanessa Cole

Vanessa Cole

Training & Project Coordinator

​Vanessa is known as Miss Sunshine around here! She’s warm and brings a smile to the team with her positivity, open mindset, and Aussie freckles.

She was MAYDAY's first permanent hire when stepping into a recruiter role in 2017, and so she has seen the company grow from the ground up, and couldn’t be prouder of the care-focused, trend-setting company it has become.

A passion for theatre and film in the early days led Vanessa to be curious about people, about what drives them, and about how they can go about achieving their goals, which has married well with her career in recruitment. In 2020 she transitioned into a Training & Project Coordinator role, which is bringing her recruitment knowledge and passion for optimisation into a whole new focus. Her role is broad, actioned with speed and intention, and driven by purpose; to help the team and company to operate smoother, faster and more effectively, whilst being able to upkeep the high levels of care and quality.

Outside of recruitment, Vanessa is on a mission to eat her way around Sydney (and the world!), scavenging for the tastiest morsels and drops of crimson this great city has to offer.

Vanessa Cole